• Elegant hotel on the Dnipro river

  • The best place for romance

  • The best place for romance

  • We take care of the details ;)

  • Elegant hotel on the Dnipro river

  • Your private fairytale on the river

  • Your dream vacation

  • Business on the waves of success

+380 44 369 31 31

We take care

of the details ;)




    +380 44 369 31 31
  • 5 minutes to the metro
  • 15 minutes to the center
  • 30 minutes to the airport

Bakkara Art-Hotel  – the largest hotel on the water and the most romantic hotel in Kyiv! The hotel has 200 rooms, a restaurant with a terrace by the river, a conference hall and a lot of additional services. In Kyiv, there are many nice hotels offering the necessary and quality service. However – what makes us so special?


The story of Bakkara…

Bakkara Art-Hotel was built at Kherson Shipyard. Construction works and keel laying * took place in December 2005 and did not cease in winter or summer.

In 2006 the first floor of our ship, was constructed. Work started to move ever faster – built for the second and third floor of the hotel!

*  Keel – a main longitudinal balk extending all over the length of the ship
in the middle of its bottom.


July 24, 2007 came a truly solemn moment – “Baptism” of the ship with champagne and the hotel is lowered on water!


Hotel journey to the capital of Ukraine …

To moor in Kyiv our hotel has come a long way:

  • Kherson May 16, 2008 Bakkara went to Kiev
  • Nova Kakhovka May 18, 2008 “The Baptism”: the first gateway and the first arch
  • Zaporizhzhya May 19, 2008 Zaporozhye GES and gateway
  • Dnipropetrovs’k May 20, 2008 Dnepropetrovsk reservoir.
    Dniprodzerzhyns’k May 22, 2008
  • Very narrow place, where a lot of branches, flows into the Dnieper, islands and a strong current
  • Kremenchug May 24, 2008 Kremenchug reservoir and one more bridge
  • Cherkassy May 26, 2008 Very low bridge, Bakkara was “drowned” to pass this bridge
  • Kaniv May 28, 2008 Kanev Reservoir
  • Kyiv May 30, 2008 5:00. Moored on the waterfront at 4 p.m.


October 20, 2009 – opening ceremony on the Dnipro River

At the time of the opening on the board the ship came up the whole team. This team has become a truly family – we welcome guests work and relax together. Support and mutual assistance, which unites us, creates a unique atmosphere that will definitely feel every guest.


December 15, 2010 Bakkara Art-Hotel change

its place of residence …

The hotel has already welcomed thousands of visitors when the ship went on a journey to the other side Dnipro. It was December 15, 2010 Bakkara Art-Hotel continuing to welcome guests was moored in Hydropark…


This place has become a new residence permit for the team and thousands of regular guests!

Here, the hotel has its own charming blooming courtyard with benches and an opportunity to provide our guests with even wider range of additional services.


Bakkara Art-Hotel has become a special place for Kyiv, and by definition, and according to our guests. Here, as nowhere else, our guests feel the atmosphere of coziness, romance and leisure.


A few facts about Bakkara…

  • Length – 138.5 m
  • Width – 16.5 m
  • Height – 16.6 m
  • Floors – 5
  • Rooms – 200. In categories: Standard, Classic, Deluxe and Suite
  • 1 conference room
  • 4 “Suite” Meeting Rooms