• Elegant hotel on the Dnipro river

  • The best place for romance

  • The best place for romance

  • We take care of the details ;)

  • Your private fairytale on the river

  • Your dream vacation

  • Where Love Lives

  • Business on the waves of success

+380 44 369 31 31

We take care

of the details ;)




    +380 44 369 31 31
  • 5 minutes to the metro
  • 15 minutes to the center
  • 30 minutes to the airport

Bakkara Premium

bakkara premium

The Bakkara Premium loyalty program offers a lot of opportunities for guests …

“We take care of the details;)” – these are not just simple words for the team of the Bakkara hotel.

This is the way of life, world view and life position of the whole team of the hotel. We take care of the comfort and coziness of our guests, the convenience and effectiveness of additional services, small and great gifts for every guest.

That is why we offer every guest of the Bakkara Art-Hotel to feel the benefits of the Bakkara Premium loyalty program – let yourself a little more!



bpremiumAdvantages of the Bakkara Premium loyalty program:

специальные предложения accumulation of bonuses going with the first guest stay

специальные предложения 7% of each amount spent in the hotel turn into bonuses

 специальные предложенияbonuses appear on the bonus account after 24 hours after departure

специальные предложения pay with bonuses for accommodation and other hotel services

Become a member of the loyalty program is easy!

  • fill in the registration form during your stay at the hotel
  • give it to the receptionist to confirm your registration
  • get a membership card


Rules and conditions for participation of the Bakkara Premium loyalty program

Questions? +380 44 369  31 31 |+380 44 369 32 32 | grm@bakkara-hotel.com.ua