Plastic KOZYRNA KARTA discount card opens a variety of possibilities to get bonuses and discounts…

Discount according to the face value of the Card at all Network restaurants except of democratic venues:

  • PANTAGRUEL Osteria that offer 10% discount
  • KALINKA-MALINKA club-restaurant that offer 5% discount not taking into account the face value of the Card

Bakkara Hotel provides discounts for the following services in accordance with Kozyrna Karta value:

  • Accommodation – one Kozyrna Karta per one room (for Kozyrna Karta holders only);
  • Meals in “Grand Piano Restaurant” («a la carte» menu).

Discounts are not provided for:

  • Conference hall and equipment rental;
  • Special offers and promotions;
  • Additional services such as laundry, dry cleaning, etc.

Discounts on services provided by the partners of KOZYRNA KARTA Restaurant Family:

for the owners of 10% and 15% Cards

for the owners of 20% Cards

A possibility to get extra bonuses and invitations.

One can get discount Card at ANY restaurant of the Family that are situated all over Ukraine, and also order it at the web-site.

Such kinds of KOZYRNA KARTA Cards exist:


  • Is given by the administrator of the restaurant to the client, that still doesn’t have KOZYRNA KARTA
  • Can be ordered at the web-site of KOZYRNA


  • Is given to the owner of 10% Card after 30 visits of the Network (according to annual results
  • If given to the Guest, who has no Card if the bill is UAH 1500 and over
  • Is given by the director of the restaurant (or acting director) to his discretion


  • Is given to discretion of the government of the Kozyrnaya Karta company


* required
* required