Terrace above the water

When it’s warm outside the terrace of Grand Piano becomes a great place to escape the city life, where our guests can enjoy delicious food and long conversations, while a slight breeze and the Dnieper River waves create atmosphere of rest outside the city.

After visiting the terrace of the restaurant in Bakkara hotel just once, you will surely want to come back here, because the amazing view on the Dnieper River and right bank, tasty meals by Chef with original presentation and atmosphere of total relaxation will fill you with new strength in a matter of minutes.

Ship hotel with a restaurant and a summer terrace above the water

What could be better in the warm season? Many people just love to spend time in nature, but only living in apartments and, not having a summer house, you can indulge yourself with this kind of relaxation infrequently. The Grand Piano restaurant with a summer terrace in the Bakkara hotel, shaped like a ship, comes to the rescue. Here the atmosphere of relaxation and emotional relief reigns deliciously.

Why are terraces above the water so popular?

  • People get an excellent opportunity to enjoy the amazing view of the Dnieper, which in the summer days becomes especially attractive;
  • In the evening it is as cool as possible here, which allows you to take a break from the summer heat, put a light blanket on your shoulders and continue your rest / chat / meal in comfortable conditions;
  • Light breeze will contribute to creating a feeling of a suburban atmosphere, where there is no fuss, loud sounds, but only light unobtrusive music and pleasant sound of the waves;
  • This summer terrace restaurant offers a non-trivial type of recreation, successfully combined with the classic. Not every hotel or specialized institution is ready to surprise with such accommodation;
  • The terraces themselves have an interesting interior, emphasizing the features of the location;
  • There is nothing more pleasant than spending time outdoors in pleasant company.

Bakkara is a hotel on the water, so it is not surprising that the restaurant area also has a rather exotic specificity. There are often held events of different levels, ranging from corporate parties, and ending with weddings, so pick up decorative items that complement the pleasant atmosphere is simple. Due to separation from sushi, it seems that the celebration is as confidential as possible and guests of the party feel far from the bustling world.

The summer terrace Grand Piano Restaurant has a pleasant interior in natural colors, surrounded by natural plants and of course, an incredible view of the river. Everything is decorated so gently and softly that the summer terrace can easily turn into a real photo zone, allowing you to create a wonderful surroundings and excellent background views.

Why choose Bakkara’s terrace?

The fact is that this hotel cares about the comfort of its guests, so in addition to the chic landscapes, it adds delicious food, comfortable furniture and caring attitude and unobtrusive service that turn the usual process of breakfast, dinner, lunch into something special. The hotel offers not only 200 rooms for accommodation, but also conference rooms for business meetings, as well as banquet facilities for 20-300 people. The existing summer terrace in Kyiv on the water is one of the best, so here, after an active working day, you can get an extra charge of cheerfulness and good mood.

The summer terrace of the restaurant is located under the roof, and even during a calm rain the guests will not get wet. Despite creating a feeling of 100% privacy, the restaurant itself is just 15 minutes from the central part of Kyiv (on the Venetian island), so getting here is easy and fast enough from both the city and the left bank.


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