The productivity of any activity, including business, largely depends on the cohesion of the team. From the ability of colleagues to feel each other, support the initiative and be able to substitute the shoulder.

Want to check what your team is capable of? Welcome to the hotel BAKKARA! We equipped T-Park – a special location on the banks of the Dnieper for more than 20 team-building games – team building.

All exercises are designed to improve communication and effective group interaction. Designed to be held as part of a corporate party, conference or seminar. For the team from 10 to 300 people.

How to order an event? You don’t have to worry about the training scenario – just tell us about your tasks and wishes, and we will take care of the whole team building plan together with Team Zone! Experienced coaches of a professional event agency will help you develop an individual program, get used to beginners, monitor the process and take stock of work on the site.

The cost of the event: from 500 UAH / person, including rental of the site, services for the event and secure parking for cars. Minimum order – from 10 000 UAH. In addition to your services: restaurant service and the possibility of renting rooms.

You can request an offer by phone: +380 44 369 34 35; +380 67 225 34 88
E-mail: sales2@bakkara-hotel.com.ua


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