Grand Piano Restaurant

Grand Piano Restaurant is located on the first floor, so has easy access both for guests and for visitors from around Kiev.

Working hours – 8 a.m – 12 p.m.
Room service  8 a.m. – 11 p.m. !

1 Venice island, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02002
+380 67 466-98-76


Grand Piano Restaurant is a special restaurant in a really special hotel in Kyiv.
Feels this atmosphere at Grand Piano!

You could enjoy:

  • comfortable and exquisite interior
  • panoramic view and picturesque bank of the Dniprо river
  • open terrace above the water
  • wide choice of menu
  • unique location for your celebarations
  • delicate and professional service

Grand Piano Restaurant

Welcome on board! Grand Piano Restaurant of European cuisine is a good addition to the Bakkara Hotel, anchored off the green banks of the Dnipro River.


Restaurants on the banks of the Dnipro River have long conquered the hearts of Kyiv and guests of the city. Grand Piano is one of them. The island of suburban life in a dusty metropolis has been receiving visitors since 2009 and is in the TOP of the most popular places in Kyi. Open space, not limited to stuffy walls, creates an atmosphere of uniqueness of this location. Everything is created by nature, and nature is the best designer. Beautiful view of the river and the city, the open sky and the sun’s rays, good scenery for breakfast, banquet or celebration.

Grand Piano is a restaurant, which located in Hydropark, but at the same time it is a five minute drive from it. A convenient option for those who likes to have a dinner in silence in the fresh and open air, and prefers to work in the city.


The hotel is located on the ship, but the nautical style is absent here. The appearance of the restaurant refers to those who say: “a million.” Exquisite club-style armchairs, genuine leather upholstery, sophisticated mahogany silhouettes create an elegant appearance and comfort. The atmosphere is complemented by live music. It sometimes sounds in the morning or in the evening. For guests, who like fresh air there is a summer terrace above the water, and in the cold season, visitors enjoy the comfort inside. Original lighting creates a game of glare, tranquility and warmth. For events there is a banquet hall.


In addition to European cuisine, Grand Piano has a wide selection of goodies:

  • Ukrainian dishes;
  • popular oriental delicacies;
  • exquisite delicacies from the chef;
  • Lenten menu for custodians of traditions;
  • wine list with drinks from France, Italy, Georgia, Chile, New Zealand and Argentina;
  • bar with an abundance of cocktails and spirits;
  • grill menu;
  • themed dishes for any occasion (pancakes, summer salads, snacks);
  • buffet menu (canapés, bars, barbecue, desserts, cupcakes);
  • menu for young guests.

Grand Piano is a restaurant in the hotel, so in the morning it works for guests as a Buffet breakfast and à la carte menu.


Grand Piano Restaurant offers:

  • celebrate a birthday party, a banquet, which will remain in memory for life;
  • conduct effective team building with coffee breaks or barbecue;
  • order lunch or dinner for a group of people during a conference at the hotel;
  • arrange a wedding in an away style with a wedding arch and stunning photos against the backdrop of nature;
  • to organize an ceremony near the water on the green lawns of the Dnipro River.
  • spend a weekend on the bank of the Dnieper in a family circle with a delicious breakfast;
  • arrange a date with a romantic dinner;
  • rest from the city bustle on the summer terrace of the restaurant.

Always bright, memorable impressions accompanied by delicious food and attentive service are guaranteed by the Bakkara Hotel staff and professional chefs Grand Piano Restaurant.

Restaurant on the water in Kyiv Grand Piano – not just a cafe. This is a place of rest, impressions and joy. A place where sincere emotions, smiles and bright thoughts are born.


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