-5% 1600
from 1520 UAH/day
  • area 19 sq.m.
    area 19 sq.m.
  • river or park view
    river or park view
  • 2 beds 90*180 cm or 1 bed 180*180 cm.
    2 beds 90*180 cm or 1 bed 180*180 cm.

Stylish and comfortable room that will charm you with the river or parkalley view from the balcony…

  • balcony and panoramic windows
  • area  with couch and coffee table
  • work area
  • satellite TV
  • slippers
  • mini-bar
  • hair dryer
  • shampoo-shower gel, soap

Your safety & COVID-19

Classic room in BAKKARA

Kyіv guests and all those who wish can depart from the usual concept of “hotel” and try something new, because “Baccarat” is an incredible ship-hotel, which demonstrates a new level of service experience in its field. If the guest decides to rent a standard room in the hotel, he will be pleasantly surprised:

  • stylish interior with designer furniture. Here you will not find pretentious design solutions or variegated colors, everything is done so that the guests relax and enjoy unobtrusive union with nature;
  • an incredible view of the river or park, because a lot depends on the location of the room;
  • well-designed furniture, since the standard room in Kiev contains a soft sofa and a coffee table; a special work area that allows to solve serious issues, being in a calm and concentrated state; the presence of climate control, because on hot summer days there is not enough coolness;
  • satellite TV, because sometimes you just want to lie on a comfortable bed and disconnect from all worries while watching a movie or an interesting program;
  • the presence of a mini-bar that allows you to relieve tension and just throw out all unnecessary thoughts from your head;
  • the presence of a hairdryer and a set of mini-perfumes in the room;
  • care and high-class service, since the standard hotel room provides for service at the highest level.

In addition to these points, the room has a safe, soft slippers, a daily supply of mineral water, as well as a non-stop room service. Renting a standard hotel room provides a room of 19 sq. M., With twin beds or one double bed (this time is negotiated at the time of booking), a modern air conditioning system, and free Wi-Fi in all areas of the hotel.

The price of a standard room depends on many factors, so the conditions affecting the financial component should be found here on the official website of the Bakkara hotel, where all the details are spelled out in detail.

Each standard room is pleased not only with an amazing view of the park or the river. All rooms feature hypo-allergenic bedding and pillows. The room is always clean; everything is done for people who love aesthetic harmony and tidiness in everything. The furniture is quite interesting and non-standard for ordinary hotels; the selection of all elements of the interior is thorough and tasteful.

Deciding to stay in the ship-hotel “Bakkara”, the guest will certainly be satisfied with the service and conditions, especially since in case of any questions, always with the mood the hotel staff is always ready to answer all the questions of guests and assist.

It is worth noting that corporate clients receive special conditions and prices. Working on a permanent basis with the hotel, guests can enjoy privileges, discounts on special conditions.


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