Hundreds of events change each other every day with no stop. In the evening after a hard business meeting, I want to take a break from the city’s bustle, restore my energy. Feel myself somewhere on the island, rocking on the waves, watching the stars reflected on the river.

All around the world it is popular now to spend a week, a month or even a year docking a ship in a special gulf or renting a place in the harbor of the rivers of Europe, USA or Asia. The Amsterdam canals are literally filled with houses on the river, on the Thames you can place a houseboat overlooking Westminster Abbey, and on the right bank of the Seine, right in the Paris center, the moorage occupies 1100 meters and there are no empty places. Those, who value time, attention, space and beauty of nature, choose adventures like this.

A unique experience of living on the river is also available on the wide rivers of the Dnipro. Since 2009 in Kyiv, on the Venice Island, the hotel-ship Bakkara was docked. Standing on its deck, you will feel the spirit of independence and voyage, and immediately replace from business to leisure.

No matter how rich your day was, easily you will fill yourself in an atmosphere of harmony and care. Being in the capital, you will leave noisy city and will find yourself in a cozy place, where the best view of the city is opened. The hotel has 200 rooms, a conference hall, a restaurant with a terrace viewed to the river and a summer park area.

The name of the hotel Bakkara invested the essence of our relationship with our guest – it filed with the same trepidation as our treatment with the most fragile and expensive crystal. Each guest’s stay in Bakkara is a unique story of relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect. We are a reliable and loyal friend, who is always there and ready to help.

Bakkara – is the most unusual hotel on the river in Kyiv, where you will get a rest from business and city bustle!


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