Birthday party

Both adults and children like their birthdays more than other holidays.

We often think of an unusual and amazing way to have a special birthday party in Kyiv.
We have a solution and a special offer for your child’s Birthday Party, as well as for adults!

Just imagine that your Birthday Party is hosted by an extraordinary restaurant on a real ship on the Dnipro River bank!

Choose Grand Piano Restaurant of Bakkara Hotel on the river, and you will have the most marvelous and unforgettable holiday of all!

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Discount on menu 15%
Discount on menu 15%

In honor of your celebration, we will provide a -15% discount on menu orders and individual alcohol loyalty!

Average check for 1 person:
– for an adult – 1300 UAH.
– for a child – 500 UAH.


How to easily organize an unforgettable holiday?

Birthday Party it is one of the most favorite and expected holidays of the year. It’s time to think about where and how to organize it. If you want to invite a large number of people or if you are have no time to prepare, it is best to celebrate a Birthday Party in a Grand Piano Restaurant of the Bakkara Hotel. This will allow forgetting about many troubles and with pleasure to wait for the Birthday Party.

The advantages of organizing a holiday in the Grand Piano Restaurant

Restaurants for birthday in Kyiv are in great demand. Indeed, the provision of preparations for the holiday by qualified organizers has many advantages. The most significant are:

  • Time savings. All problems with the organization will fall on the shoulders of professionals.
  • There is no need to cook food yourself. In the restaurant, you can order a menu that will suit both you and your guests. You can take into account the preferences of all the guests and please everyone.
  • There is no need to spend time on the purchase of products, thinking through the menu, cooking.
  • Birthday Party in a restaurant, in a park, on a river is not only an opportunity to spend time with friends and savor culinary masterpieces from professional chefs. If necessary, will be invited master of ceremonies, who will not allow guests to get bored, as well as musical accompaniment.
  • Organization of photography. A professional photographer will take impressive pictures that will always remind you of the best moments of the holiday, if you wish, we will arrange this for you and your guests.
  • High quality service and friendly staff.
  • A wealth of experience in serving banquet events, including catering.

In addition, if you are still looking at restaurant to celebrate a birthday, then the best option is founded – Grand Piano Restaurant of the Bakkara Hotel. Birthday person will be able to completely relax and enjoy the event without unnecessary trouble and anxiety.

What options does Bakkara offer?

Finding a good restaurant for a birthday is a simple question, because in Kyiv there is a unique Bakkara Hotel and a restaurant on the river Grand Piano, where everyone can celebrate his or her name day. Moreover, we will help to organize a holiday for both the child and the adult.

We propose to consider and take advantageous special offer:

  • Option 1. Birthday party for an adult. 15% discount on the menu when ordering a banquet. The average check amount will be UAH 1 300 per guest. Absolutely loyalty conditions for alcohol with the ability to bring your own alcoholic beverages depending on personal preferences.
  • Option 2. Birthday for a child (up to 10 years). The average check for a child will be 500 UAH.

There are also opportunities for mooring yachts, ships. If you want to diversify your leisure and your guests. These options will be quite useful. We will help to organize it.

If you are looking for an inexpensive exquisite restaurant for birthday party, then Grand Piano at the Bakkara Hotel is exactly what you need. Here you can spend an unforgettable holiday on the banks of the Dnipro River. At the same time, we have a great experience in serving both children’s birthdays, teenagers, and Birthday for adults.

If your birthday is in the warm season, you can celebrate at the summer locations of the Grand Piano Restaurant, namely, in the park on the “Park Terrace” surrounded by shady trees or on the river with an incredible view – on the “Summer Terrace above the water”.

It will be an unforgettable day!


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