Special offers for special events
New Year party

We invite you to celebrate the New Year 2020 in GRAND PIANO Restaurant. You are at the center of events, you are a star at the STAR PARTY!

New Year's corporate party 2020

Do not leave this question for the high season, when you will have fewer seats, and the date will be closer and closer. Until 18.12, reserve one of the banquet halls under favorable offer and save the budget for the corporate New Year in favor of pleasent gifts for your employees!

Birthday at the hotel

The restaurant gives generous gifts in a special place for special birthdays. For children’s parties, we also prepared an interesting offer.

Wedding on the waves of the river

Welcome aboard the ship, from where you will begin your journey through the waves of a happy life!

Lenten menu

On November 28, the Christmas Lent started which lasts 40 days and ends on Christmas, January 7. We invite you to taste the lenten menu in Grand Piano Restaurant.

A la carte
Fourchette | Banquet menu
Chef's menu


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