Wedding at Bakkara Hotel

Holding a wedding moves away from established stereotypes. The civil registry office is not the only place for marriage. Newlyweds choose interesting locations, there are a museum, a botanical garden, a forest, the sea and, of course, the bank of the Dnipro River. The wedding offer at Bakkara Hotel includes visiting ceremonies for every taste and budget, a wedding banquet, a buffet reception both in the open air and in the banquet hall of the restaurant, as well as a wedding room for the newlyweds, as well as hotel rooms for guests. The charm of the surrounding nature, the whisper of the river will make the main day unforgettable.


Guests are always delighted with such events. A weighty plus is savings in transportation costs, because the hotel is on board a ship right in Kiev. There is no need to drive for miles, because a piece of fresh air and wildlife can be found on the Venice Island in Hydropark.

Special wedding offer from Bakkara Hotel is a great opportunity:

  • organize an outdoor ceremony in nature, by the river, without leaving the city limits;
  • do not limit guests to confined space;
  • place all those invited in the cozy rooms of the hotel;
  • Get special offers and discounts available on your wedding day and when ordering a wedding banquet.

A variety of banquet menu, interesting presentation and quality service – all this will be taken care of by the professional staff of the GRAND PIANO Restaurant.

The unusual location and the hotel-ship will also appeal to children, because what could be better than fresh air and expanse! For small guests, there is a children’s menu and animation programs, if you desired.

Offers for newlyweds

There is a Banquet Hall, a summer terrace above the water and a park terrace with a large pavilion for banquets and buffets, cozy gazebos outside in the Grand Piano Restaurant. Therefore, both a buffet and a banquet can be held at any time of the year. Exquisite option – a wedding in the evening, when the path instead of rose petals is decorated with candles and leads the young to the arch on the bank of the Dnieper.

With a creative approach, you can come to the organization of the wedding ceremony and hold it right on the pontoon above the river, with the best view of the Dnieper River and the historical part of Kyiv.

In the open nature, the wedding arch looks easy, weightless, modern. Spreading trees, well-groomed lawns and landscapes of the park will become natural scenery.

All services are relevant when organizing a banquet in the restaurant GRAND PIANO. Plus, for any budget given a total discount of 15% on the wedding menu. Special conditions the restaurant offers for alcoholic beverages.

Special offers for newlyweds for any budget option:

  • guests stay in rooms with an additional 25% discount;
  • room decoration, romantic decor with candles;
  • champagne and fruit as a gift for the heroes of the occasion – the newlyweds;
  • optional, breakfast delivery in the room.

Wedding is the beginning of a new life, about which there is still much to learn. The first year together is the first step in the joint journey of a husband and wife. Bakkara Hotel gives an amazing opportunity to remember the wonderful time, the wedding day from which it all began, a year later.

A special offer for the newlyweds at the Bakkara Hotel is a celebration of a wedding anniversary with a 25% discount on the menu and 50% on one night’s stay. It is enough to book a room and show a marriage certificate, so you will receive a pleasant discount on the room and on the menu on this wonderful evening. The situation on the bank of the river will bring you back to that happy day, bring you into the atmosphere of your own feelings, make you remember the first moments nearby.

Before the wedding

The GRAND PIANO restaurant’s terrace over water is a great place to offer a hand and heart. For those who only decide on this exciting step, a relaxed atmosphere under the open sky, along the river will give you relaxation and happiness. Any girl will be delighted with such an initiative. Such moments of the heart carries through life.

Getting away from boring traditions, plunging into the atmosphere of your own happiness, giving a holiday to yourself and guests is easy with the wedding offers from the Bakkara Hotel.

The morning of the bride and groom

So this exciting day has come, when everything is already organized, agreed and decided. Now it remains only to get together beautifully, to make a magical photo session in the circle of close girlfriends. Rooms at the BAKKARA hotel, especially deluxe room with a river view for the collection of the bride before the wedding ceremony, is one of the sought-after services at the hotel.

Here you can make incredible photos against the background of dawn, in the beautiful interiors of the room, on the balcony of the rooms overlooking the river. Book a room just by contacting the hotel reservation department.

BAKKARA hotel and the GRAND PIANO restaurant you receive a full range of services – all that is necessary for your wedding.


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