Our Hotel is Pet Friendly. The BAKKARA Hotel is one of a few hotels in Kyiv where guests can stay with their little pets at no extra charge. We have a small number of rooms for living with animals, so please inform us when booking that you are traveling with your pet.



Please read the rules for staying at the hotel with a pet:

  • We will be glad to see your cat or dog if their weight does not exceed 10 kg.
  • Having an animal health passport is an important document for the accommodation in The Bakkara Hotel, as well as a passport for our every guests.
  • We offer at the check-in a protective net on the balcony for your room, for the safety of your pet.
  • Please don’t forget about your pet favorite toy, a bowl for water and food, a cozy blanket or rug to help your pet feel more comfortable. Familiar smell is an important nuance for a pet. But if you have forgotten something for your pet, we’ll be happy to provide it for you to use (blanket, leash, bowl, toy, etc.), but only for the duration of your stay at the hotel.
  • You can order sugar pits or food for your pet in the restaurant.
  • We cooperate with 24/7 veterinary clinic VET.UA, which, if necessary, will come at your call.
  • Please don’t leave your pet alone in your room. It may miss you and disturb other hotel guests.
  • We understand that your pet can sleep on your bed at home, but the hotel bed and hotel room shower is just for you.
  • Your pets can visit common areas, except for the restaurant and conference center areas.
  • When moving in common areas, please use a leash for your pet.
  • The hotel area is a great walk place for pets, but we ask you to clean up after your pet with the help of hygiene bags. If you don’t have any, please contact our staff.
  • After a walk in the open air, we ask you to clean your pet’s paws from dirt or sand before entering the room. If you have forgotten a special foot towel, let us know and we’ll help you with that.
  • Housekeepers make an effort to clean the rooms. If your pet is in the room while cleaning, please pick it up or make sure it’s in a special container for transporting the pet.
  • In case your pet has damaged the items or furniture, we’ll have to ask you to compensate for the damage caused.
  • We expect to pay for additional cleaning only when necessary to ensure comfort and coziness for the next guests.
  • We’ll sincerely rejoice at your visit to the BAKKARA hotel with a cat or dog! We understand that they are your Family and deserve to be with you.

We’ll sincerely look forward to your visit to The BAKKARA Hotel with a cat or dog. We understand that they are also your Family and deserve to be with you!


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