BAKKARA Hotel knows what you need!

If you have a lot of work, and you want to relax in nature and disconnect from all everyday worries, then the BAKKARA hotel will be able to offer you the perfect combination of relaxation and creating a concentrated atmosphere for fruitful work. What is its feature? In an extraordinary format, because this is not just about a hotel, but about a real ship with comfortable rooms. Moreover, a ship moored on the banks of the Dnieper looks great, therefore, booking a room here, a person receives not only favorable conditions for relaxation, but also the opportunity to get maximum aesthetic pleasure and try something new.

What specific features does the BAKKARA hotel boast?

  • Amazing views from the windows, because on one side the river is visible, and on the other – the park;
  • Each morning will be accompanied by pleasant sounds of waves and birds singing, allowing you to get a boost of energy and good mood;
  • There is no fuss and annoying sounds on the ship, so you can get enough sleep here and only after a leisurely awakening get down to business;
  • Each guest has a great opportunity in the morning to drink coffee on the balcony, while being above the Dnieper (in the central part of Kyiv), but feeling himself outside the city;
  • The gorgeous sunset is visible very clearly, and the unusual location further emphasizes the beauty of this spectacle;
  • The hotel boasts modern conference rooms, equipped with a wide variety of technology. Here, events are held by serious companies, and the surrounding environment creates a positive atmosphere conducive to working capacity;
  • After a productive working day, you can go to the restaurant’s terrace and calmly watch the life of the big city from the side, relaxing at the same time from the sounds of waves and aromas of nature;
  • The peculiarity of the hotel is also manifested in its uniqueness, because such unusual types of hotels are not very common;
  • The option is also suitable for lovers of romance, because here all the conditions are created for newlyweds and just lovers who want to plunge into their feelings and get maximum pleasure from relaxation for at least a short time;
  • BAKKARA will become the original location for celebrations and graduations, because such exotic is difficult to find elsewhere.

In addition to these features, the hotel is famous for its high level of service, delicious and varied dishes, as well as friendly staff who are ready to fulfill any guest’s request and fill his vacation / business meeting with only positive emotions. Every day, rooms are cleaned and linen changed, the hotel guarantees 100% safety, a restaurant with a terrace above the water will protect from rain and offer rugs. If necessary, there will be a dance floor and locations for holding various formats of events, and design features make it possible to turn every corner into a very harmonious photo zone.


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