Wedding celebration is the most beautiful and moving event. Newlyweds strive to make it unique, memorable. At the same time, proper design is the key to success, and in this matter it is better to trust professionals. Choosing for yourself a concept, style of celebration, it is worth connecting professional banquet managers. They will compose a script, think over how to decorate a restaurant for a wedding, choose a table setting according to your wishes.

Wedding Ideas

First of all, you need to choose the color scheme and the style of the event.
This will bring a special highlight to the celebration, the design of the restaurant hall and table setting will depend on the color.

When decorating a banquet hall, light, flowing fabrics are often used as decor. And although these elements are located in the background, with their help, the color style of the holiday is emphasized. To do this, select the primary color of the fabric neutral and add the appropriate color drapery.

Wishing to beautifully arrange the wedding, special attention should be paid to the presentation of tables. Specially selected:

  • tablecloths;
  • napkins;
  • flower arrangements;
  • porcelain;
  • cutlery.

When planning the design of the hall for the wedding, it is worth paying attention to the length of the tablecloths. So that the feet of the guests do not rush into the photo, choose tablecloths on the floor.

If you want to add personality to the holiday, you can use beautifully designed slate boards for photographing. It is also necessary to take care of the seating plan for guests, numbering tables. You can leave a prominent book of wishes for guests. If you want to contribute to the decoration, and do not know how to decorate the wedding room with your own hands, make paper accessories. Today, the trend is garlands, quilling, flowers, origami decor. Such jewelry looks stylish and original.

Of course, a wedding is hard to imagine without fresh flowers. They are used to decorate tables, room decorations. When choosing floral arrangements for a table, pay attention to their height. They should not interfere with sitting guests, optimally so that their height is lower or higher than the gaze of a person sitting at a table.

Lighting is no less important than the above factors. Create additional comfort will allow:

  • candlesticks;
  • small lamps;
  • lanterns;
  • composition of floating candles.

Balloon decoration looks stylish, able to emphasize the style of the event. In this case, it is important to observe the measure, to correctly combine the colors.

How to arrange a wedding so that memories remain for life?

As experience shows, in addition to beautiful wedding clothes, it is important to choose the venue for the celebration. Exit ceremonies are very popular today, and few can brag about marriage on the banks of the Dnipro river.

If you want to realize this idea, use the services of the ship-hotel Bakkara. This is a unique place in the center of the capital. The hotel is located on the Dnipro River, at the disposal of guests is provided:

  • Banquet room of the Grand Piano Restaurant;
  • terrace above the water;
  • terrace in the park;
  • upper and lower hall, located on the “Golden Ship”.

We will organize an exit ceremony for you, we will invite the best florists, decorators to decorate the wedding venue and banquet hall.

The restaurant’s menu presents dishes of European, Eastern, American, national cuisine. The Chef of the restaurant personally controls the preparation and presentation, and a wide assortment will allow you to create a wedding menu, taking into account the wishes.

When choosing Bakkara Hotel , you don’t have to search and book hotel rooms for guests. Newlyweds will also be able to use a comfortable room, which our staff will issue accordingly. As a gift from the institution, a young couple receives sweets, champagne.

The good news does not end there. The hotel provides a 25 percent discount on guest accommodation and honeymoon rooms. Special offers for a wedding party.

If guests from other cities arrive at the wedding, hotel staff will arrange a transfer from the address you provided.

Our locations

Bakkara Hotel is located on the banks of the Dnipro River  with an adjacent park area. Fresh air, remoteness from the noise of the metropolis will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the holiday, enjoy the beauty of nature.

Based on the wishes of the newlyweds, our managers will recommend trusted partners, decorators, who will take care of:

  • decorating a banquet hall, newlyweds’ rooms;
  • proper arrangement of tables so that guests can move around comfortably and sit freely;
  • arrangement of decor on tables so that it does not interfere with the arrangement of dishes;
  • table decoration for the newlyweds.

Given all the little things, we can achieve the perfect result, your holiday will be held at the highest level.

Depending on the season and personal wishes, you can choose different locations for the banquet.

  • The main hall of the Grand Piano Restaurant allows a banquet for 120 guests. The author’s interior of the room contains mahogany, natural materials, a beautiful view of the river opens from the windows.

  • Terrace above the water – an additional location of the banquet hall. Here you can admire the views of the river and the protected territory of the Lavra. In the warm season, you can celebrate here if the number of guests does not exceed 35 people.

  • Park location is a territory in the shade of trees, giving coolness. On the territory there is an indoor banquet hall, accommodating up to 80 guests, small gazebos for up to 15 people. This is the perfect place for a summer wedding.

  • The upper and lower hall are located on the “Golden Ship”. The interior colors are dominated by natural colors, which allows you to arrange a celebration in any style and color scheme. Along the perimeter of the entire hall are windows that open a panoramic view of the Dnieper. Each hall will comfortably accommodate 150 guests, while there will be enough space for dancing.

Trusting professionals, you can not bother organizing the holiday, relax and calmly prepare for the main event in the life of every person.


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