In the fall it is not necessary to succumb to the blues.
Despite the fact that no warm evenings are expected, this is a great time to devote free time to visiting music concerts, film premieres, festivals. Below is a list of the most anticipated events of this fall, which everyone should visit.

Concerts in the fall: a variety of events

Poster for the autumn months pleases with diversity. In it you will find performances by famous artists who have been known to the world for many decades, as well as young talents who have just conquered the pinnacle of fame.

  • Lara Fabian

A talented singer does not need an introduction or additional advertising. Her wonderful voice is recognized from the first seconds. Each concert of Lara Fabian is a huge success. If you want to hear world hits, as well as plunge into sensuality, love and femininity, then you can do this on October 19 and 20.

  • Druga Rika

On November 14, a concert of a famous group will be held in the capital. In her arsenal is a huge number of singles and video clips, songs, the words of which many know by heart. The audience will be presented not only new items from the new album, but also the beloved songs of previous years.

•         Scorpions – an unforgettable classic

One of the most anticipated events of this fall is the arrival of the Scorpions. You will be able to see your favorite band and listen to world hits on November 12th. The concert is planned at the Sports Palace, so you should take care of purchasing tickets for yourself and your loved ones in advance.

Scorpions will arrive in Ukraine with the motto Crazy World. This concert promises to be unforgettable. This fall, guests and residents of the capital will be able to hear legendary songs such as Rock You Like a Hurricane, Wind Of Change, Still Loving You and others.

•         Youth hits from Tim Belorussky

Concerts in Kiev in November are pleasing in abundance. Schedule replete with famous names. This month you will also be able to attend performances by Tima Belorussky. This is a great option for those who enjoy the creativity of a young rapper. The singer recently “blew up” the Internet with his hits and now has become famous in many countries. The rapper tirelessly delights with the news of his fans. It is them, as well as already recognized hit songs, that you can hear live at the concert, which will be held on November 14. You can buy tickets now.

•         Ja Khalib: a source of creativity and drive

The real name of the singer is Bakhtiyar Akhmetov. Since 2015, the rapper has become popular in many countries. Initially, he conquered the Internet. Today, almost everyone knows about him. The performance will be held at the Sports Palace on November 8th.

•         Jamala – Ukrainian pearl

If you want to enjoy vocals, compositions with deep meaning and enchanting music, then on November 30 there will be a concert of the famous singer Jamala. The actress promises her guests an amazing show that will give a bright fireworks experience.

Where to relax after a busy day?

If you want to attend concerts in November, it’s time to think not only about purchasing tickets for the event, but also about where to stay and relax for visiting guests. Of course, the BAKKARA Hotel is a unique place, a ship-hotel located on the banks of the Dnipro river. For residents of the capital, the Grand Piano restaurant in the Bakkara hotel will be a great place. This is a restaurant complex serving European and Ukrainian cuisine, celebrating family celebrations and spending romantic evenings to the sounds of the piano. Here you can relax in comfort and share your emotions after an evening out.

Bakkara Hotel offers comfortable rooms for guests of the capital. You can order a suitable option both by phone and online. Here you can relax in comfort after a busy day, replenish your strength and then hit the road.


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