On July 31, the BAKKARA RIVER PARTY project started!

When everyone is tired of quarantine without the ability to travel to another country or city, it’s time for a new format of entertainment! Incredible concerts have started on the Dnieper in Kiev!

A hotel on the water where whole families come to spend the weekend with incredible views. In the afternoon – we had a rest at the prep party and had a delicious lunch in a restaurant, and in the evening – we listened to a concert!

The scale of the event is amazing! The largest barge in Kiev with a unique stage design was used. A total of 40 tons of technical equipment have been installed. Sound with a power of 80 kW, more than 100 dynamic lighting devices, 4 screens for more than 60 square meters, etc.

The first in the series of BAKKARA RIVER PARTY parties on July 31 was the famous Ukrainian chansonier Garik Krichevsky. The guests watched the singer from their rooms and applauded loudly for the singer to hear. And he heard! Songs from the album “Let’s Go” were performed, as well as the favorite hits of millions “Kievlyanka”, “My number 245”, “Privokzalnaya” and many others. After the concert, the guests shouted “More” and did not let the singer and his team of musicians go for a long time.

It should be noted that the concert was accompanied by an incredible sunset over the Dnieper. It was very comfortable to relax on the balconies, especially with a glass of champagne!

Concert organizers: Kvartal-Concert company
Venue: Hotel BAKKARA
Photographer Natalia Kurgan


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