The most important part of a good rest at the hotel

The types of food in hotels are of considerable importance for travelers, because the issue of satiety is inextricably linked to quality rest. But just before you agree to the attractive cost of a voucher, you should study as much as possible the features of food, so that in the end you do not have to independently figure out what to profit from.

What you need to know about the specified moment?

In the description, all vouchers are accompanied not only by a detailed description of the hotel, location features and other points, but also by certain letter combinations, therefore, for a more accessible understanding of what’s what, a decryption of the types of food in hotels is provided:

  • RO. Such marking indicates a lack of food at all, that is, a tourist pays only for apartments without additional service;
  • BB. This includes breakfast and nothing more;
  • HB. This option includes half board, that is, a vacationer can enjoy breakfast and dinner;
  • FB. Many fans of carefree relaxation prefer just such an offer, because it implies payment for breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the price of the ticket;
  • AI. Most tourists give the majority of votes to this option, because in addition to three meals a day, guests get the opportunity to taste a variety of local drinks for free;
  • UAI. Such an abbreviation implies the ability to eat as many times as the soul desires, as well as pamper yourself with alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks, both local and imported.

All of the listed types of food in hotels are basic and relevant for absolutely all hotels. Naturally, some may supplement this list with the HB + offer, which implies the possibility of having breakfast and dinner (+ alcoholic drinks), but this point depends on the specifics of the hotel and other points. Quite rarely, the types of food in the hotel are also replenished with FB +, which includes full meals 3 times a day and the provision of alcoholic beverages during lunch and dinner.

The BAKKARA hotel-ship, popular in Kyiv, and the GRAND PIANO restaurant are famous for their delicious breakfasts; specially developed business food with the most balanced diet; a la carte menu, which includes a variety of dishes of European cuisine, soups, meat, poultry, fish and more; banquets, which are formed according to the wishes of customers; and receptions, allowing you to get not only gastronomic pleasure, but also aesthetic, because all food is served in an incredibly appetizing form. Thanks to the BAKKARA hotel, the guest will be able to understand that the food in the hotels is not only very tasty, but also prepared only with fresh products, so the aroma, appearance and taste can pleasantly please even the most demanding guest.


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